Submit Manuscript

Manuscripts must be submitted online. Authors need to create an account to submit their manuscripts.


All articles in JCLS are processed upon submission, for review. Upon completion (including revisions if necessary), authors are exempted from publication fees, excluding printing costs ordered separately. To request a printed form of a journal article, please email us. For each issue a copy and can be ordered a week after the issue is published.

Submission Process

  1. Manuscripts submitted will be acknowledged once sent to us. We will provide you with an identification number which must be used in any correspondence with JCLS.
  2. Manuscripts will be forwarded to reviewers (from the Editorial Board or assigned by independent academics) for review.
  3. If the manuscript is accepted, we will send acceptance information. If a manuscript is received with revisions, the author is obligated to make the necessary revisions, and submit the corrected manuscript. If a manuscript is rejected, we are open to submission at any time, and therefore you are encouraged to submit your manuscript.